A workplace for some is like a second home. Whereas, for others it is like a concrete jungle – a place where all sorts of creatures are fighting for their survival, in many different ways. No less important are the lessons you should pick up along the way in order to build you and make you – as a better employee or as a better person. As they say, when life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade. Drink it, share it or profit from it. So here’s some random collections of lessons learned by different employees in their respective workplace:

1. The fruit always comes after the planting and nurturing.

Instead of having a sense of entitlement, work hard and work passionately. Always give your best shot. It is a natural law that we get what we give. Maybe now you dont get what you deserve, but do know that life is not, after all, unfair. Sometimes good things really take time. But eventually you will harvest all the fruits of your labor.

2. Do not compromise integrity, fairness and goodness.

There will always be a smarter employee than you are, but having these values will simply set you apart. It always pays to be honest, fair and good. It takes years to build a career, but it only takes a minute to destroy it. More than anything superficial and grandeous on the paper, at the end of the day, it is the character that matters. So do not lose yourself in exchange for something fleeting and superficial. Hold on to your values.

3. No one is indispensable in any organization, except, maybe, the owner.

If you’re looking for security, do not search it in your organization. Always give your best but do not forget that everyone in the company, no matter how good, is replaceable. Be humble.  While the law provides a security of tenure, it also provides just and authorized grounds for dismissal. You have no vested right over your position and the power or authority that comes with it. Act accordingly.

4. Insecurity or professional jealousy is a terrible sickness.

Insecurities, in whatever form, is always always dangerous. It is even worse than a disease which could destroy the entire organization. As a matter of fact, insecurities is the root cause of all politics in the office. Desperate employees do desperate things. Kill the Office Politics. It will never happen overnight, but the best time to destroy it is NOW. Your first obligation in so doing is not being part of it.

5. Think big and be the more matured person.

There’s a deeper reason why people are cruel and harsh. People who are stressed and unhappy are easier to burst and blast. But while you give them your compassion and empathy, do not let their words get in your system. You are not what they label you. Be the bigger person by understanding where they are coming from and act on the matter with more maturity. Focus on the solution and not on the issue.

6. What you allow will continue.

If you allow your colleagues to step on you, disrespects you, belittle you or bully you, do not expect that one day they will just stop. Do something about it. Improve or better yourself. Respect yourself because you deserve it. Do yourself a favor and work on the things they use as an excuse to mock you. Do not ever give them the luxury to crash you. Put them in the place where they supposed to be. Stand up for yourself. Sometimes silence is also participation. By being silent when situations call you to speak up, could also means participating in the said Office Politics.

7. If you can’t take the heat of the kitchen, get out of the kitchen.

Dont waste your time ranting and complaining over things which you could no longer take. Do something about it. But if it gets to the point of hopelessness, maybe it’s time for you to move on. Don’t destroy yourself and your sanity by staying in an organization which batters you every single day. That’s torture and no longer healthy. Do not compromise your happiness and peace. Life is short.

8. Be careful who you associate with.

Choose your grounds wisely. Always remember that you are there not to hang out and to look for friends. You are there to work and build yourself a career. But if in the process you gain genuine friendship, consider that as a bonus. But then again, choose who you associate with with highest degree of caution. Remember that attitude is contagious, make sure you’re not exposing all that you have worked hard for in a greater risk.

9. When one door closes, do not lose your sight on the other door(s) opening for you.

There must be a reason why some doors have been shut. Most of the time the reason is another door will open,  leading you to a much bigger opportunity. Always hope for the best. Always look at the good and brighter side of things and good things will follow.

10. In all occasion, be Professional. Speak and act as a Professional.


Photo credit to: RD Oquendo, Czech Republic


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