Ever wonder why there are people who always seem to get what they want? Do you wonder what do they possess to make things work almost always in their favor? Do you feel it’s just a matter of luck or charm? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not by pure luck that they attract exactly, or even more than, what they want. They are called winners because they had to win certain things out of their efforts, strategies and right attitudes. They are not free from sweat and struggles, in fact, they have lots of it. But they endure what needs to endure and they finish the course with grace and victory. They are winners – they are made, not born.

We have identified some of the common qualities of winners and we have narrowed our list to 7. Here are some of the qualities you probably have too:

  1. They are committed to excellence and passionate in what they do.

They perform with passion. They don’t settle for patchiness or mediocrity. They constantly challenge themselves to deliver more than what is expected. They aim for excellence.

  1. They are decisive.

They know what they want and are very clear about it. When asked by the situation to decide, they decide quickly but change their decision, if they had to, very slowly. They make intelligent decisions and are very firm about it. They take responsibility with their choices. They take risk and don’t regret.

  1. They are persistent.

Challenges may get tired of testing their abilities and eventually give up on them, but winners never quit. They are persistent and always persevering. They think big and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. They bounce back and even get better after.

  1. They are driven and disciplined.

They believe in delayed gratification. Winners are willing to sacrifice even their very own comfort zones just to stay focused on their priorities. They don’t rush the output of their efforts. They know they will certainly enjoy the harvest in time. They are self-motivated. They are driven by their ambitions and always inspired to get their target.

  1. They are optimistic.

They keep a strong positive outlook – so strong that even the people around them are influenced by their positivity. As they inspire themselves, the other people get inspired too. They visualize their strategies and their success. They spend time imagining their victory and so they end up experiencing it. They invite good vibes and good karma. They value relationship and create a harmonious atmosphere wherever they may be. They are just and fair in their dealings.

  1. They are committed to improvement.

Winners don’t stop improving themselves. They have hunger for knowledge and are empowered to learn new things each day. They hone their skills much as they tone their muscles. They have no other way but to be better than yesterday. They set standards and challenge themselves.

  1. They are courageous.

 They get scared, yes. But they don’t succumb to their fears. They know fear is fatal to their growth and success. And so, they overcome it.


Photo credit to: Ms. RD Oquendo


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