Are you in a state of perfect synchronization?

There are instances in life when things suddenly work in unison to move your situation in a better state. They fall perfectly like dominoes leaving you nothing but pure amazement on how things suddenly fall down in a good sequence.

It is like a blessing after a blessing. A breakthrough after a breakthrough. And a victory after a victory. Sometimes it starts in small things or in a blessing in disguise. It is always right in time.

It is finding a shortcut when you’re in a hurry. It is arriving exactly on time which disqualifies you for a memo. It is like a call for a job interview right after you lost a job. A friend paying you his previous loan just when you’re down to your last centavo. An old crush you bump into at a coffee shop where you’re supposed to meet your blind date – and He happens to be ‘the date’. It is like a good event leading you to the happening of another one. Things we may not be able to fathom and leave us nothing but amusement. Only God knows why and how. God knows exactly when to send you His help. He leads you to the right people who will hone you and guide you to be the person He wills you to be. He orchestrates things beyond your imagination and it only takes enough faith to allow Him to do it in your life.

When was the last time you have experienced this a magical moment and when everything seems to be perfect in time? When was the last time you look back and feel you’re at the right place and at the right time? When was the last time you had your shining moment, because you have attracted everything that you have wished for?

Miracles happen everyday in your life. It is only up to you to recognize these miracles however small they are. Don’t be too busy counting what you have missed in life because you might miss the good things happening right now.

If you’re reading this, it is not a mere accident. Check out the good things happening lately in your life and you will find how blessed you are. If you are currently experiencing abundance and balance in every aspect of your life, you are not just lucky – you are blessed!

If you have been there once, there is no reason why you cannot experience that bliss again. It’s just a matter of right attitude and outlook.


4 thoughts on “Are you in a state of perfect synchronization?

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