I must confess that prior to buying my Young Living Premium Starter Kit (PSK),  I really do not have any idea about its various benefits, except for my basic knowledge that I can use it for diffusing and that I can apply it topically. I relied on the social media posts of some of my friends/colleagues who have been using these oils, lately. Out of curiosity, I also did a few research and even search for more post to see what these oils have been doing. Considering that the people I know who are into it are very credible, reliable and very successful in their respective fields or disciplines, I asked for information. I said im interested and I wanna know more about it – thereafter, I’d say the rest was history.

I’m really glad that I’ve been introduced to this whole new thing. I owe these oils all my deep sleep which enable me to recuperate and regain energy. Amid the stress in my everyday work, it gives me some sort of relief. It calms me and makes me feel more relaxed. Now, I really can’t imagine a day without these oils. Needless to say, I’m really having so much fun in this what they called essential oil journey.  In a nutshell, for the first few weeks of my oil experience, this is what I have to say about the young living essential oils:


I’m the type of person who enjoys going to Spa than to bars or clubs. I think, at my age, I’ve already surpassed the stage of nightlife every Friday. I’d rather choose getting a massage than getting drunk. Well, other than the massage, I also like the smell of Spas. Even before, I always have my oil burner or room spray to give our room a feel of a spa salon. Since I got my starter kit with my dewdrop diffuser, I’ve been very experimental in choosing which oil to diffuse. I wanted something which has a therapeutic effect or can put us into a good night sleep. I’m very adventurous in combining oils, and thank goodness it’s always a hit. My fave blend is Stressaway + Lavender. My husband’s favorite, on the other hand, is my concoction of Copaiba + Peppermint + RC.


Out of these oils you can also do your own soap, creams, facial scrub, facial soap, lip balm, Peel off mask, Mascara, face serum, toner and so much more. There’s also some recipes for some skin problems, but I haven’t gotten to that level yet. So far, and in just a short period, I was able to make my own face serum (Carrier Oil + Lavender + Frankincense) and toner (Witch Hazel + Lavender + Frankincense). My mother and my husband are both beneficiaries of my concoctions. My husband uses the toner, while my mother uses the face serum. Next time I’ll try the peel off mask or the facial scrub. My mason jar, sugar and honey are all ready.


Since I usually have a lot of readings after work, the Peppermint + Lemon blend has really been a big help to keep me awake, boost my energy and retain my focus. I noticed that when I am tired for the day it’s really difficult to concentrate or to find the momentum. More often than not, I get easily distracted when I’m tired. But this blend really works for me and really helps a lot in keeping my focus. For me, this is one of my favorite benefits.


I’m glad that there’s oil from my PSK which I can share to my father. Panaway, for one, is good relief for muscle pain or joint pain. My father has gout and athritis, and it’s already a normal occurence in the house whenever his joint pain strikes. I did some research for joint pain recipes, and made my father one. My concoction for his joint pain consists of Panaway + Frankincense + Peppermint + Lavender + Carrier Oil. I handed him a roller bottle of that concoction, which he used right away. He kept it and didn’t return it anymore. So I guess, he really liked it.


There are also vitality lines in the PSK which can be ingested. So far, the peppermint oil is my favorite. I’m a coffee person and the spike of peppermint in my hot or cold coffee has given my coffee fix a new and interesting taste. I also had my husband tried the Thieves + Lemon Tea which I prepared for him when he had a sore throat. He liked the taste, and according to him it gave some relief. Surprisingly, the Thieves Tea worked for him. After the second day of drinking this tea, his sore throat bid goodbye.

My heart is indeed full of joy that I made the right decision in purchasing these oils. Aside from the benefits I’ve been receiving since I started using it, it also helps me to be more of a caring person, most especially to my family. I love how it slowly changing my habits and leading me towards health and wellness. I know there’s more to learn and discover, and I’m just so excited to know more about new recipes or blends each day.

“Invest in your health, because ypu deserve it.”

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*I am not a Doctor. The oils mentioned in this article are not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. The information and statements are based upon my personal research (from internet, social media and testimonies of people using this product) and personal experience from my use of Young Living Essential Oils.


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