In a world where some relationships seem to end even before it has officially started or where some people seem to have no contentment at all, believe that true love is still possible. Believe in LOVE. Believe that it happens. Believe that it will happen to you.

You deserve the kind of love you are giving and willing to give. Sometimes when life is even more generous, it will give you more than what you deserve. Time and experience have proven and serendipity has defined that its occurrence can never be predicted. It may come as a surprise for some or a romantic twist of fate, a minute before they quit on it. So don't give up your hopes on love. You will just know it when it comes.

If you have been rejected, scorned, taken forgranted or unnoticed for quite a long time, it's time for you to move on and live the life you truly deserve. Cry and scream if you want to -if that could help you gather yourself back all together. Release what you need to let go. After all, you can't have a happy journey with all those unnecessary baggages, so dump it out and embrace what's coming ahead - the good and the best. Remember that some people are meant to come in your life only to teach you a lesson, while someone is meant to come and stay.

In the meantime, use the time to do what you need to do. Accomplish your goals and enjoy every 365 days of your life. Live each day as if it is the last, leaving nothing but wonderful memories. Remind yourself that you deserve love and true love deserves you and the kind of love you are able to give. Love yourself until it overflows, until there's so much excess to share.

Use all the pain that you've experienced from the past as your 'emotional why'. Turn all those negativities into something good. Make it as your motivating force not to be in that situation again by being careful in your next relationship or atleast by being careful in choosing who you will be with. But then again, give love a chance.

This year, make a covenant with yourself that as you close some doors, you will open a new one. What happened in the past shouldn't hinder you from experiencing what God has been preparing for you all along. Take a chance and cooperate with His grace. Listen to His voice as He guides you through. Love is worth all the risk. And with His guidance, it is not much difficult to know that 'it' has arrived - for good.

Make a declaration that one day someone will come in to your life and will never leave. A person who is no longer a visitor nor a sojourner, but someone who will decide to stay forever. It doesn't matter when it will happen. It will arrive when you are ready. Rest assured that when God wills it, the timing is always perfect.

For all you know, he is just out there waiting for the right chance. Now is the time to give love a chance. Don't let it pass by you. You only live once. Remember that you experienced the pain not to change your thoughts on love, but to change your thoughts on pain. You experienced pain so that one day you will appreciate what love is. You meet the wrong ones so that you can easily figure out who is the right one. Every pain has a purpose. Dont wallow on the feeling, but focus on the meaning. Find its purpose in your life and make it work for your best. Keep moving on. Love is on its way. ❤

*Photo credits to: El Morada. Photo taken at Indonesia.

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