Love other people, this is the secret of living a peaceful life. BUT FIRST, LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself right so that you can love other people the right way too. Happy people go around loving and respecting other people. Because that’s how they perceive themselves – worthy of love and respect. The happiest people are always fair and just. They are sensitive enough to know, more than anything else, if they are already hurting other people. Yes, they maybe going through some tough times, facing their own battles and hurdling their own monsters, but they don’t use it as a license to hurt and destroy others.

It’s pretty dangerous hanging around people who constantly drag you in their mess, only because they see you living in your peace. You don’t need them in your life if you’re trying to live your dreams and realize your brighter future. It’s true that we all have moral responsibility to give some help, but there’s always a limitation, especially if it is your own sanity which is already at risk. The least that you want to happen is you become the person you’re trying to help.

Rudeness is never the language of the strong. The irony of life is that weak people make other people appear weak.
Being strong doesn’t mean having the ability to crush other’s soul. It takes a strong soul to lift another one. Do not allow people to clip your wings and tell you that your dreams are not possible. If you have not been achieiving all your goals despite all your unwavering effort, you better check the people who you associate with. Do you know the people who surround you also play a crucial role in your success? This is why athletes have coaches and mentors.

Be with the people who are not only there when things are not going well in your life, but with people who are happy with your success. For sometimes, it’s easier to listen to somebody’s mess than to celebrate other’s victories. There is also such a thing called Envy. People who genuinely love you will never be bitter of your hardwork and dreams, for your success is theirs too. Stay close with people who are going to lift you higher, and will teach you how to lift others too. Life is too short to imprison yourself from hurt when you can be happy. Sometimes, someone’s gotta go and you gotta move on. Know that it is for your good. You have full control of your life. Choose success and happiness.


Photo by: Kervin Acuna, Philippines

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