There is no secret formula to success. No amount of lucky charm can solely lead you to it. People who rise up from nothing can attest that road to success isn’t something smooth and easy. It takes seemingly endless time of taking the stairs. There are no shortcuts. But definitely and surely, they will all agree that IT’S ALL WORTH IT.

If you’re currently experiencing some bumps towards the road to your dream, if you’re asking yourself if it is really for you, and you’re on the verge of giving up on your greatest dream, pause for a second and think it over. Stretch your patience a little more. Sometimes, the moment we are tempted to give up is the moment we are about to experience our biggest breakthrough. Everyone has their own success story to tell – and it’s written uniquely. Do not compare the details, but take with you the good values successful people exhibited to get where they are now.


The tip of an iceberg always seems to be enticing, but the question is ‘are you willing to work on the base?’.
Most of the established people have their share of failures, disappointments and pains too. They endured and surpassed all of these, and that’s why they are successful. Successful people are not made overnight. They are where they are now mainly because of their hard work and attitude.


Law of attraction surely is the key. Successful people are composed of hard work and a big chunk of highly positive thoughts which fuel them to attract all the things they wish to have – be it a position, material possession and even networks. They achieved what they perceived. They are not hindered by any road blocks. In fact, with their strong faith, they use these temporary setbacks as stepping stones towards the direction of their dreams. It’s difficult to put them down, because they will always find a way to get up and bounce back. They are champions. They will never stop until they get what they want. They believe they can and so they will.


They say discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Successful people have this important element. They believe in delayed gratification, going out of comfort zone, and having the courage to get their dreams. They are willing to sacrifice and trade their temporary pleasure in exchange of the long term and permanent one. They are focused and determined. They master their crafts and become experts of what they do – regardless of whatever it is.


Successful people have genuine relationship with people around them. They value commitment. They are true to their words and that is why they consequently gain trust and confidence from people they deal with. They have good reputation and credibility. They attract good people in their network. As they help other people, help also comes to them a thousand-fold, sometimes in the form of opportunity and breakthrough.


Road to success is not always a straight path. Along the way there are detours and re-route. But succesful people have vision and mission, and so before they begin their journey they know where they are going. They are guided and driven by their vision and advocacy. They have a purpose and a cause. And for as long as their vision is clear and sure, they have a clear direction. Despite the odds they don’t give up the fight and they are willing to push themselves more.  They keep going towards the direction of their dream. They know exactly what they want and know how to get it. They are not distracted by anything that gets in the way. They just know in their hearts that they will be able to achieve their dreams.


If you’re going through a tough times working on your goal, just keep on going. Do your part and always give your best. Don’t quit on your dreams. Sometimes great things take time. Keep working on. You may not even realize it now, but one day your dreams will come to pass. Just do your best and God will do the rest.


Photo credit to: Wendy Palomo, Seoul Korea

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