No matter how hard it is to find everyone’s purpose in your life, seek it for your good. But at the end of the day, if the pain is too much, never lose your value and your character – who you are and what’s your purpose in this world.

Do not dim your light just because others find it so bright. Spread the light, instead. Do not let other’s rudeness destroy your inner peace. Be selective of what should affect you from what you hear. Filter. Do not let the opinion of others hurt you. Stand up with head up high, but with feet always on the ground.

You cannot expect others to believe in what you believe, to have faith in you and in what you can do. However, make a commitment to surround yourself with people who do not discount you. You are not any brand. You are not your school, your paycheck, your degree, your address and anything else. You are who you are. Your character. You are priceless and amazing.

Be kind even to those who speak ill of you. Count your blessings- those that you can buy and those that money cannot. You’ll be surprised how wealthy you are.

Nothing is permanent in this world -Enemies, haters, bashers, heartbreaks, challenges, adversities and even eventful victories, they will all soon fade in time. But remember to keep the lessons and the good memories.

The person you are today will never be the same person tomorrow. Make out the most of your time. Achieve your dreams, do what sets your heart on fire, love really hard, give until it makes you cry out of joy and believe even if it seems too impossible. Have a healthy disregard to the impossibility, because believe me it is possible. Ask and you shall receive. If He answers your prayer right away, He is increasing your faith. If He delays, He is teaching you patience and building your character. If He does not answer at all, He has better things for you. But remember, God will not place something in your heart if He will not make it happen. If the desire is too strong, have faith that it will happen – in His time. It will happen in the way that is best for you. Sometimes, it is even beyond what you can imagine. In all circumstances, allow God to surprise you. As they say, He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Just keep the faith and do what He is asking you to do while you are in the waiting time.

In the end, a person who knows how to seek and call God is the strongest of all. And the strongest can successfully conquer any battle life can throw at him, because God is with him.

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