Good friends are like frozen smoothies in summertime. They may not be able to change the warm weather for you, but the least that they can do is to cool you down or give you brain freeze, to that effect. If the tide of life is too high and the waves are strong, they give you  surfing board so you might as well enjoy the adventure. They make you realize that although they can’t solve your problems, they make you a stronger and happier person.  And no matter what happens, you know they’re not gonna leave your side. They make your journey an interesting adventure – free of charge, to note.

Life is, indeed, so much fun with good friends around. They scatter you with colors which make your life more captivating. We have listed some of these colors. Find out what kind of color each one of them has. Discover not only their colors but their roles in your life as you go through the list. Here are some of the shades:


She is the first person in your mind when you want to stalk someone. You’ve used her name countless times as an alibi. She is fine with that.  She does the same with your name, anyway. She has learned the art of acting for you and you find it as a sweet favor. In return, you’ve mastered theater acting which saved her face in many occasions. Despite all the white lies, you trust each other so much and all those kind of secrets are well secured. You’re both brutally honest with each other. You’ve both accepted each other’s kind of weirdness. You both have funny way of laughing at your craziness and silliness. Everything seems so light with the two of you even if you’re already in great trouble. In good times and in bad, you stick together.


She is your mind when you cannot think. You consult her with almost everything. She is your financial advisor, fashion stylist, love doctor, legal advisor, nutritionist, personal dermatologist and all sorts of genius. You can’t live without her. She is technically your talking google. You’ll be paralyzed without her, so to speak.


She is your motivator and spiritual adviser.  When circumstances are telling you that your dreams are not achievable and that you’re not good enough, your mentor is there to tell you that you’re just a step away from your dreams and that you can do it. Your mentor has so much faith in your talent. She is your fan and cheerleader. Her praises feel so real that it inspires you do even better.

You look up to her because she leads a good example. She is true to her words and genuine in all her relationships. She has a way of correcting you without being offended. She practices what she preaches. And so, whenever she shares her wisdom, you really listen and make an effort to put it in application.  You can’t afford to get mad at her, simply because she is not giving you any valid reason.  Her kindness is unlimited.


You know life is boring without this buddy. You remember her with all the beautiful places you’ve seen and yes, with all the scars you bear from the many activities you’ve both braved. And you can’t help laughing whenever you remember those times. While you always tell each other it will be the last, nevertheless, you find yourself organizing one after another. You’ve created bucket list and you share pure joy whenever you tick an item. For the many memories, you’ve already associated her with sunburn, nature, new culture, food trips and travel funds. Although in your eyes she is a walking expense, she makes you very happy anyway.


She is your most loyal friend. You can bet your entire monthly salary that no one can speak ill of you as along as she is around. You can confidently leave that kind of task to her – your personal counsel. She will stand for you when everyone else is standing against you. She is the person you go to when you feel aggrieved. She believes your side of story, absolutely and indiscriminately, without an iota of doubt.


Photography by: Ms. RD Oquendo, Budapest

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