You allowed me to have the liberty to be myself, and that includes the freedom to say what’s in mind and in my heart, without any filter, because you have faith in my very core. You embraced my peculiarities and uniqueness like it’s the most beautiful thing in this world. With you, I can be weak without being abused. I can be too strong and too fierce without being judged. You know very well that I could be a little bit dangerous when I’m mad, and that I could also turn into a giddy little kid when I’m too happy. You just simply let me be.  You trust that I could survive any battle thrown against me even while brushing my eyes with flood of tears, because you know very well that my backer up there is powerful than anybody else in this world – that I have a big God who always got my back.

You respect my moments in the church, and never fails to lend me your hanky, consistently every Sunday Mass. You always put your hand on my head and say a short prayer before I go to work. You say you always pray for my protection. There was even a time you grabbed my hand and placed it on your chest, I was literally shaking you while I tried my full strength to pull my hand away, but you held it so tightly. I asked what were you doing and even said you’re weird. But you continued to say nothing and kept your eyes closed while holding my hand. When you’re done, you opened your eyes and said you were praying. We laughed so hard because of my weirdness.

You say I’m a warrior in high heels (or flat shoes) and in nicely picked modest outfits, and you always make sure I get a good compliment before we step out of the house. You’ve seen the many doors opened for me, and the many ones shut right before me, and in those many times you’ve also seen how I managed to become unstoppable in standing up and continue marching my way towards my path. You were always there to help me dusted it all off a hundred times. My determination didn’t falter not even once, and you even witnessed how passionate I could be in getting what I want, even to the point of taking big and bigger risks. At times, you call it craziness. But you have a special way of making me feel that you are proud of my damn insanity. I wouldn’t find someone as supportive as you are. It’s safe for me to say that maybe you have your inner craziness too.

You don’t punish me in my many shortcomings. You just don’t label or judge me. You set no rules, except never forget to hear the mass no matter how busy I am. With you, I am confident that I will never be astray, because you always remind me to give thanks to God and to be grateful even to little things.

You are inherently a simple man but you raised your standard of dreams for me. It may not be the proximate cause, but it’s probably one of the many causes why I cannot afford to give up on my many big dreams because I got additional reasons why I should claim my victory – I wanna share it with you. You simply bring out all the best in me and make me feel real good inside, just like it is said in a song. And everyone who has a supportive other half could understand.

Whenever I look at you, I get a taste of peace and joy. You calm me more than my essential oils can do. Most of the significant but neglected things in life, I learned it from you. As you are a man of few words, all the best things you said to me, you said it through actions. Your love put off all the fears and negativities my mind could unhealthily produce. You are every existing definition of ‘right decision’ and ‘reward’. You gave ‘waiting’ and ‘right timing’ a new meaning. With that, I will always be hopeful for good and greater things, I will love you next to God, and will be forever grateful to Him for giving you in my life.


  1. Agreed. Though sometimes it seems so hard to take time off, especially because when you do, you get a feeling like yo2r78u1#;&e not doing what you’re supposed to and start feeling guilty. But if you take time off, you really can get so much more work done afterwards!

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